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This wikispace was created by Denis and Davindra. We made this wikispace for the assignment assigned to us by our AP Biology teacher, Mr. Morgan. We will be discussing many interesting topics in great detail. A lot of this information is thanks to the research done at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine: HIV/Fruit Fly Genomics program. We have linked our web sources and listed any articles used for these topics. For some of the topics, powerpoint presentations have been added, which were completed in the Mt. Sinai program. These allow a more vivid view of the topic presented in this wiki. Davindra is our technical expert and has designed the entire layout of this wiki. We hope you enjoy your visit to our wiki space and hope that you learn a lot from it!

Disclaimer: This site is by no means a full resource for the topics at hand, it is just a summarized work and should only be used as a supplement to information found elsewhere, such as books and online databases. The information presented here might not be 100% factual or up to date, so we are not responsible for any problems faced due to only trusting this site as an information source.

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